Block House Female Power LogoLike the rest of the world, we were hoping that COVID would clear up last year, that obviously didn’t happen. As we gear up for 2021 it’s apparent that COVID will remain an ugly fixture for at least one more disc golf season. However, as pre-COVID life becomes more distant and people are better educated and informed on how to more safely navigate their day-to-day activities while a deadly pandemic circulates, we have decided to take steps towards a limited reopening of the course.

Face-to-face check-ins are not going to happen during a pandemic. So starting March 15th the Block House will allow one group of 10 non-members to book the course for $200 per group per day (sunrise to sunset). This will be a single transaction from one of your group members made payable to the Block House through our online booking interface (meaning we will not be responsible for collecting each group members individual payments).

Non-members who reserve the course will be required to check in on the day of their reservation via text. Unfortunately, especially due to COVID restrictions in the state of Virginia, if your group arrives with more than 10 non-members (whether they are playing disc golf or not) the entire group will be asked to leave and no refund will be issued. We will revisit the pricing and number of people allowed per group as Virginia updates the state’s COVID guidelines.

Please be respectful! This is a trial run and depending on how well it goes will determine how long we continue to make the course available.

Virginia's Statewide Stay at Home Order - Frequently Asked Questions

Group Play

Please be sure to read through the details and refund policy. A blue circle around the day in the calendar indicates that that day is available to be booked. There will be no holds without payment.

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A limited number of Annual Memberships are available. The cost is $250 per calendar year and can be purchased at the link below. The membership grants access to the course during the day (sun rise to sunset). Please know that members may play on days that the course is reserved. Again, please be respectful of physical distancing and other COVID guidelines. We miss seeing your faces and are excited to see you playing, even if it is from a distance.

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